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How do you change the color of rubber?

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How do you change the color of rubber?

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Several common schemes of toning:

(red) blue + (yellow) red = pure purple

(yellow) blue + (blue) yellow = pure green

(red) Yellow + (yellow) red = pure orange

(yellow) blue + trace purple = (red) blue

(red) blue + trace green = (yellow light) blue

(blue) red + trace orange = (yellow light) red

(yellow) red + trace purple = (blue) red

(blue) Yellow + trace orange = (red) yellow

(red) Yellow + trace green = (blue) yellow

Rubber is a test color palette and technical personnel (eye of color and color resolution), the dye was inspired by the work, a good workers received from the sample to the qualified but that kind of play requires a short time, even if a two can fix. I'm just a beginning of the color matching personnel, after only more trials, more learning, more reading, more notes, more questions to become a qualified technical personnel.

Discussion and application of rubber coloring technology

With the application of coloring technology of rubber Wu transitive

When it comes to rubber products, in the vision of people, always leave the black impression, such as rubber products in the largest consumption of various types of tires, always black. Some people think black is good for dirt. And generally engaged in the rubber industry will also be due to the black tire, from the reinforcement and filling angle to consider, and added carbon black. Do you know the tire with carbon black and special effects, it is giving the tire in outdoor travel, with anti ultraviolet radiation, anti aging and outdoor light shielding function is special, the other reinforcing agent is difficult to replace. But people from the practice that the consumption of rubber products, need to be bright and colorful, dazzlingly beautiful, in addition to beautifying products, improve the appearance quality, choose proper coloring method and a colorant, and can also significantly improve the weatherability of rubber products, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical properties, optical properties and identification of rubber parts tooling the. Therefore, color and colorant are indispensable systems engineering in the rubber industry.

Effect of adding colorant on rubber products

1, improve the beautification effect of commodity value: we live in a colorful personality in modern society, more and more the pursuit of beauty, but also for rubber products. Especially for daily necessities, such as rubber vulcanized shoes, food appliances and toys. Rubber gloves, balloons, all kinds of rubber accessories, from the industrial design point of view, with the first impression of the appearance of the product color, to enhance the value of goods, to create a beautiful sense of art products.

2, classification identification and warning: rubber, especially installed inside the equipment important position, such as seal parts, dust cover, diaphragm, O ring, and the composite hose layer, special rubber pad, to be identified by different colors, easy to distinguish and maintenance. Some cable wire wrapped in rubber material, color identification with ten Munsell chroma spectrum, to provide professional wiring and maintenance warning.

3, to improve the light resistance and weather resistance of rubber products: rubber products need to have a certain service life, in order to reflect the value. Especially in the outdoor conditions, to withstand the light rain, pollution in the atmosphere and acid dye particles test. For example, some light and weather resistance agents should be added into the formulation. Such as coloring carbon black, you can receive high efficiency, low price light shielding effect. So far, it has not a UV absorber, carbon black colorant is that strong light effect is stable.

4, enhance the performance of conductive rubber, as everyone knows, the non-polar rubber conductivity is poor, can be said that the insulation is the characteristics of it, even the polar rubber, the conductive performance can not meet the needs of different conductive, while adding conductive function such as acetylene carbon black carbon black colorant, and lack of can make up for the conductive properties of rubber the.

5, some colorants heat function, some inorganic colorants in rubber, but also enhance the product function of heat, such as ferric oxide powder, rutile titanium dioxide, chromium oxide pigment, cadmium red, cadmium orange, etc. used as heat resistant additives, added to the mixture.

Classification of two colorants

Rubber colorants are dyes that are insoluble in water and solvents, and are not soluble in water and organic solvents. Pigment has no affinity with any rubber of different types. It is through the rubber machine mechanical pressure, kneading, shearing action, so that the pigment particles scattered in the colored compound rubber mixture, and make the mixed rubber material has set the required color. While in latex added to the inorganic pigment process of natural latex and synthetic latex latex and synthetic latex in and added to the dry process Rubber in a completely different, can not be added to the natural latex and synthetic latex and synthetic latex in powder form, but the pigment powder colorant, together with a small amount of infiltration dispersant, stabilizer and deionized water, with water dispersion 20% or 30%, and then after grinding machine, the required settlement value, according to the quality of the number of copies of the design, in conjunction with latex or semi vulcanized latex vulcanization, with added. The total solid content prepared by coloring water dispersion should not be too high, otherwise the grinding and dispersing effect is not good.

Example 25% pigment green dispersion preparation: [weight]

Cyanine green 25

10% casein ammonia borax 4.85

10%NF fluid 5

Pull off powder BX, 0.15

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